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securityThe online world is vast, fast paced and convenient.  But there are still those who question whether or not it is safe to surf, shop or even gamble online.  Unfortunately, not all online businesses operate in a safe manner, and casinos are no exception.  However, it is safe to gamble at online casinos if you know what to look for.  When it comes to wanting a safe and secure place to gamble, you are not alone.

Online gamblers want to know that their financial information will remain secure.  They want to do business with casinos that process payments quickly and legitimately.  It would be devastating to do business with a casino that takes your deposit, but the money is not visible in your online casino account.

The best way to know if a preferred casino has adequate security protection is to look on its website.  Most casinos prominently display certifications and seals of approval on their websites.  They want potential new players to see this information and know that the website is safe and secure for gambling.  It is a badge of honor.

The companies that ensure that the internet gambling world is safe do not bestow these certifications if a casino is conducting business in a questionable manner.  So, casinos work very hard to get these certifications.  If an online casino has security protection, a certification logo should be displayed on the website for all to see.

However, if you don’t see a seal or logo, this should be a warning.  Move on to a site that is trustworthy.  The best online casinos will have the following security protection set in place.

128-Bit SSL Encryption

This type of encryption protects your financial details.  It helps to protect your personal information during the transmission process.  Financial institutions as well as many large corporations use this kind of encryption because it uses the latest technology for online protection.  This takes the worry out of your gaming experience.  Enjoy games without wondering if someone is going to take advantage of your personal financial details.

eCONGRA Certification

Not only do many governments around the world regulate online casinos to prevent fraud and corruption, but there are international organizations that are responsible for guaranteeing the protection of online players and casinos.  So, it cannot be said that protection of the online gaming industry is not a top priority.

The e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization (eCOGRA) sets international standards that all casinos must adhere to if they want certification.  Not only does a casino have to gain the approval seal of COGRA, but it also has to continually do whatever it takes to have that seal renewed annually.  eCOGRA consistently monitors casinos to ensure that they operate in a legitimate manner.

There are many crooks in the online gaming industry, but casinos understand that if they are corrupt, no one will trust them.  This means that fewer players will frequent their websites.  Less website traffic means fewer opportunities to make money in the long run.  This is why casinos are serious about getting eCOGRA certification.  This ensures their survival and profitability.  Thus, most casinos are willing to create safe and secure gambling sites.


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