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casino edgeGambling is where you place monetary bets on various games of chance, hoping the odds will be in your favor. While it is very important that you understand the role of “chance” in online gaming, there are some ways you can garner an advantage when you play at an online casino. You must look at three basic elements, house advantage, your personal skill set and highest payouts if you want the best advantage in online gaming.

House Advantage

You will learn very quickly how some games have a built in house advantage. Gambling is an endeavor that combines skill and luck, with a few games that naturally tilt towards the generator. Online casinos are fairly similar to their brick and mortar counterparts; this means you probably want to steer clear of Keno! Black jack on the other hand, has a good reasonable house advantage of approximately .5%.  Keep in mind the house advantage raises in direct proportion to proper play, in other words if your skill is low the house has an even bigger advantage.

Skill Set

The better you play the better your odds, of course. If you go into a game not understanding the fundamentals, the chances are much higher that you will lose, repeatedly. For this reason, many players prefer to cut their teeth on the free games. Take some time to learn the process of online play as well as how each particular game operates. Once you are confident in your ability and the possible online issues (such as slow internet connection), you will be better prepared to maximize your winnings.

Highest Payouts and Bonuses

Online casinos will typically offer bonuses and while there is no requirement to avail yourself of them, sometimes they can tip the balance and offer you a bit of an advantage. Bonuses will vary and have differing betting requirements, but you can use them to offset your losses. The key to selecting the best bonus is making sure it is cashable. To sum it all up choose the games with the least house advantage, which means higher payouts and couple it with a good cashable bonus.

Keep in Mind

Gambling should be a fun pastime and not a replacement for your current income. In other words, even with the best bonuses, good skill and factoring the house advantage you are not likely to make a huge hourly benefit. Keeping your game play in its proper place will ensure you have a good time, maximize your winning possibilities and prevent you from getting into trouble.

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