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gambling problemsHas your favourite poker game gone from something fun and exciting to a serious problem? Gambling, kept in proper perspective, is a fun way to relax, unwind and perhaps even win a little money. However, problems can quickly arise when there is a shift in perspective or drive to play the game. Are you unsure if it has gone from entertainment to problem status in your life? Here are a few telltale signs that the balance has tipped.

Gambling Problem Warning Signs

Perhaps the best sign there is a problem is the fact that there is an eviction notice on your front door. In all honesty, you can ferret out the fact that you have a gambling problem before the worst occurs, if you are ready to pay attention to the signs. It generally does not start with betting your grocery or bill money, but that is where it can go very quickly if you are not watching for the symptoms.

  • Staying too long- Have you looked up from your online casino to discover much more time has passed than you realized or intended? Losing all sense of time is a good indicator you are moving toward problem gambling.
  • Too Much Money- Did you just gamble more than you intended? Even if you are talking about a few dollars, you are setting a dangerous precedent. Set yourself a budget from day one and never go over, even by a single dollar.
  • Gambling Lifestyle- Do, you find you are thinking more about gambling. Are you constantly working on your strategy, planning for the next game or scraping up more money to play? Big red flag!
  • Interruption Irritation- If a friend or family member interrupts your game time, how do you respond? If you find your temper flaring or irritation level is rising, gambling is becoming a real issue in your life.
  • Secrecy- Do you hide how much you are spending in online casinos? Are you lying to friends or family members about how often you play? If you feel the need to conceal your activities, you have probably ignored all of the above warning signs and have slipped into a full-blown gambling addiction. It is time to get help friend.

Help for Gambling Problems

The first thing you have to do is recognize gambling has become a problem for you. After all, if you are still rationalizing it you are not very likely to respond to treatment. There are a couple ways you can address the problem, first of which is closing all your casino accounts. Of course, that can be easier said than done and many people need assistance along the way. Gamblers Anonymous is a fantastic resource for anyone dealing with this addiction, and they have a toll free number where you can find out about what resources are available in your geographical area. Gambling can be a fun pastime, but it can also become a huge issue both financially and personally. So if you find yourself in the latter camp, do not hesitate to reach out for help.


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