What is a Random Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpot canada
When you come across an online slot that offers a progressive jackpot, it can be particularly exciting. Progressive jackpots have a percentage of a wager added into the total jackpot amount for each spin. You’ll see the amount that the jackpot is at on the screen. Each jackpot has a pre-defined requirement to reward the entire jackpot to the player. Traditional progressive jackpots in online slots have the event viewable across the reels, which is typically landing a 5 of a kind for a specific symbol. The specific symbol is usually among the highest paying symbols. However, a progressive jackpot typically requires that a player place the maximum bet per spin. Landing 4 of the necessary symbols in the right lines can cause some stressful situations that can end good or bad.

A New Kind of Jackpot

In a different type of progressive jackpot, software providers got sneaky. Particularly, the leading companies created a new type of jackpot. With this type of jackpot, the event can’t be seen on the reels and don’t require a visible effect at all. Instead, the trigger is hidden from the player in what is called a random progressive jackpot. This jackpot can be won after any spin. If you score the random progressive jackpot after a spin, a message appears that announces if you won. This type of jackpot removes the problem with disappointment.

Advantages of the Random Progressive Jackpot

Random progressive jackpots don’t require the player to bid the maximum, instead you can bid whatever you would normally! The original type of progressive jackpot required the gambler place the maximum bid, which instantly disqualifies those who can’t afford that. High rollers who place larger bids are given a higher chance of scoring the random jackpot, creating a fantastic balance between high and low rollers playing with online casinos.

Types of Random Progressive Jackpots

There are a couple different types of random progressive jackpots. The first hits more frequently than the second, and can even be scored several times each day. These don’t pay out very high amounts since they are so frequent, though they often reach a few thousand before being struck. Conservative players will prefer these as they are more widely distributed. InterCasino, powered by Cryptologic, is a popular casino that offers Rapid Fire slots, which have frequently paid out random progressives. These frequent payouts are the backstory behind the name, Rapid Fire. Popular Rapid Fire games from Cryptologic include Doctor Love, Hot Summer Nights and Salsa.

The other random progressive jackpot type typically payouts in upwards of millions, giving them the potential to change lives. Typically, these types of progressive jackpots are only scored a couple of times a year. These games are often preferred by risk takers, since they offer a lot for the risk. Mega Moolah by Microgaming is one of these awesome jackpots that can be played online. The event activates Wheel of Fortune bonus game in the software. The wheel can award a million bucks along with the progressive jackpot. However, you can also win smaller jackpots through the wheel.

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