Online casinos offer a number of different benefits that help to bring and keep people playing. These benefits can help keep you playing longer. Some of these bonuses are repetitive while others are one-time bonuses.

What Exactly Are Cash Back Bonuses?

Cash back bonuses come in a variety of different styles and are extremely rare. In land based casinos, they are in the form of a VIP program and are generally for repeat and high roller players. Online casinos have a considerably greater chance of offering cash back bonuses. They have lower overhead costs and can afford to offer cash back bonuses in greater volume and to a larger percentage of their players. This does not, however, make them more plentiful.

Physical Location Casinos

Looking at land based or physical location cash back bonuses, you will find them in terms of room up grades, additional days, free meals or even free rooms for a weekend. You will find that physical location casinos rarely offer actual cash back as part of their VIP or cash back program. These are not the same as welcome bonuses, which are more plentiful though in some cases, you will find that there are similarities.

Online Bonuses

Online cash back bonuses are more likely to be actual cash or credit, which is one of the reasons they are rare. In many cases, they are offered as promotions rather than for frequent players since most online casinos will see a larger number of frequent players than physical ones. They also may have things like a minimum wager amount. This means that in order to qualify for cash back bonuses, you will have to deposit and gamble, or gamble a certain amount of money to be qualified.

It is important to note that cash back bonuses are not equal amounts. They will be a certain percentage of the amount wagered and generally lost during a particular period. The percentages are generally 5-20%, depending on the casino and amount of money involved. The bonus may appear as casino credit or as cash actually deposited in your account.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions will vary from casino to casino. Some offer bonuses for game play during specific days and on specific games. Others will offer bonuses every week, others every month. The amount wagered wager, lost, and how you receive your bonuses can all be different from casino to casino. Make sure to read over the individual terms and conditions for the casino you are gambling in to ensure you qualify

Cash back bonuses are rare but they can provide significant benefits especially for online gamblers since they are offered more frequently online than in land based or physical location casinos.