echeckHow to make a deposit using eCheckPerhaps you already know what a check is. However, you may have not heard about eChecks or haven’t created one for yourself yet.What are eChecks? EChecks stands for electronic checks. They work the same like paper checks. They are also issued with your signature and amount for the fund transfer. It can also be used for deposits and cash outs. When you issue an eCheck, the funding bank will clear the check and the amount is reflected on the payee’s account. In order for the eChecks to work, they should be honored by the bank funding it.  You have to determine if your bank honors and funds the eChecks before you start issuing them online.

What is needed before using an eCheck? Once you’ve verified that your bank honors your eChecks, you also need to have a personal checking account. This is needed when you issue the eCheck because some interface asks for the personal checking account number in order to proceed. If you issue an eCheck that your bank did not clear or honor, you will be restricted from issuing succeeding eChecks. However, once they get cleared, the restriction will be lifted.

You also need to have an account with online casinos that accept eChecks before you can use them. Some online casino have a cashier where you can buy the chips while others have a direct link to buying chips. Once logged in, you can click on “buy chips” and you will be directed to the casino interface that asks for the type of payment.

How long before the bank clears the check? When you issue an eCheck, the bank will usually take seven days to clear it. After clearing, it will then be reflected in your account. There is also an option to issue an instant eCheck. The instant eCheck will also take 7 days before clearing. However, the amount will automatically reflect on your account even without clearing from the bank.  On the other hand, while the eCheck remains uncleared, you cannot cash out or request fund transfers. If you have an existing amount greater than the amount in the instant eCheck you issued, only then will you be allowed to cash out or transfer funds.

What are the limitations for using eCheck as a deposit method? First time eCheck users start with lower amounts. Every check that gets cleared will naturally increase your limits for issuing them.  All eChecks you issue will be subjected to the eCheck processors. You will also be responsible for any fees charged by your bank in clearing and funding the eChecks you issued.

Is making a deposit using eCheck secure? They are  secure as they use standard data and communication encryption as well as ID verifications.

Making a deposit to your online casino account using eChecks may not be the fastest way, unless you use Instant eCheck deposits. However, if you are looking forward to playing at a specified date with the added security, eCheck is the best deposit method for you.

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