Keno is similar to a lottery game because the winner picks random numbers in order to receive a huge payout.  Keno originated in China, and it was once a game that had an association with horserace.

Although the game is easy to master, it is very hard to win because of the odds.  Keno has a house edge that is usually between 25 to 30 percent.  However, people ignore the house edge because the game has a lot of high payouts and low stakes.

The object of the game is to guess which numbers are going to be called.  Thus, the winner has to be a very lucky person to win.  The odds are low that one person will hit all winning numbers.  The odds also suggest that most people will only pick anywhere from three to seven of the game’s lucky numbers.

Picking Numbers

A round or game of Keno is called a race.  On the screen, you will see numbers 1 thru 80.  They are listed on the screen in 10 columns with 8 rows.  The player picks 10 numbers from 1 to 80.  Each number chosen is called a spot.  So, if five numbers are selected, then that is called a 5 spot card. Some casinos allow players to pick up to twenty numbers, but this is very rare.  However, it is very common for casinos to limit the amount of numbers that a player can pick.

During each round, there are 20 lucky numbers called.  You are paid according to whether or not you guess the correct numbers.  If picked correctly, you get paid based upon the casino’s pay table.  The more numbers that are guessed correctly, the more you get paid.  So, if you get one number you might get $5.  Or, if you get two numbers, you will get paid $10.  These amounts are based upon the casino’s base payout.

Game Basics

Keno has just a few game basics.  Number selections and bets are placed at the beginning of the game.  Not only do you have to pick your numbers, but you should also write down on the ticket how many numbers you have selected.  Also, write down the number of games that you want to play and the amount of the bet for each game.  Depending on the casino, bets can be as low as a nickel, but the average bet is usually $1.

Get the ticket registered by the Keno attendant, pay for your wager, and the attendant will give you a copy of your bet.  Use the copy to watch the screen results.  Please note that if you win a Keno round, you must pick up your winnings before the next game begins.  Your winning entry is only valid until the next game starts.  So, if you fail to act quickly, you could lose your winnings.


Although there are various Keno strategies floating around, it is a game that is based upon luck.  It does not require skill or knowhow to play and win the game of Keno.  You job is to guess as many winning numbers as possible.

However, some players like to improve their chances of winning by tracking previous winning numbers.  They won’t play certain numbers it they were called within the last couple of games. On the flip side, this means that if a number has not been called within a certain amount of time, it might be a good number to choose for the current game.  But there also players that choose to stick with the same numbers over and over again.  The logic is that the numbers are bound to hit at some point in time, so why keep changing them?

Game Locations

Keno can be played either at a land based location or online.  Most land based casinos have lounges where you can sit and watch screens that show live Keno games.  Or, if you want to sit somewhere else in the casino, keno employees can register your game tickets and retrieve your winnings if you are a lucky winner.  The games are usually broadcasted every ten to twenty minutes, depending on various casino schedules.

Playing Keno online is just about the same except that it can be played within the comfort of your own home, which means that you won’t have to tackle large casino crowds.  Also, you can play as many games as you want, without having to wait in between games.  Another benefit of playing online is that the Keno games tend to have higher payouts than the ones at land based casinos.

Hopefully, you will be the one to win a game of Keno.  There is no way to calculate the odds of winning Keno.  You’ll have to have lady luck smiling down on you.