The Classic Game of Video Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games in world history. Modern technology has certainly changed the way people play the game. Instead of sitting down at a table and playing draw poker, many gambler situate themselves in front of a video poker screen. Thanks to the internet and online wagering, no one even has to leave their homes to take a chance at winning a huge amount of money. Is video poker really as simple as it looks? Are there any hidden tricks to the way the game is played? Honestly, the video version of poker is pretty much exactly what you see. That said, there are a few things a newbie player should know about the game before putting up any wagers.

Video Poker – The Solo Game

Not everyone wants to deal with the stress of having to compete against other players. Video poker becomes the perfect option for such gamblers since they simply have to play the hand dealt to them by the computer. This does bring up another important point. You are categorically not playing against the computer. People think of video poker along the same lines as video chess. The computer is not programmed to try and beat you. Rather, you are simply taking part in a game of chance software version of poker.

Video poker involves a software program that deals out cards. The process is completely random and you make decisions to discard and draw new cards based on what has been dealt. You could say the game is just you against the fickle hands of fate.

Playing with a reputable online casino is a must when you want a fair chance at video poker. A top casino is going to employ a solid software program that has been given a stamp of approval from a gaming commission. This way, you know the cards are being dealt in a full random manner and no problems arise with the deals.

The Goal of Video Poker

The purpose of playing video poker is to procure the best hand possible. The better the hand, then the more the payout is going to be. Obviously, if you do not get a hand worth anything, then you lose whatever it was you wagered. Two pair usually delivers a low payout and most people will use the credits received from such a minor win to continue playing. The greater the odds of a particular hand coming out, then the higher the payout. A royal straight flush or four of a kind come with a massive payout, but the chances of these coming up on a deal are rare. Most will find straights, basics flushes, three of a kind, and full houses to be the outcomes more accessible. This is not to say the “longshot” winning hands never come out, but one should be realistic in terms of what to expect.

Variations Exist

One thing that is very necessary to mention is that there are scores of different variations on video poker. Depending upon the casino you play with, you could have scores of gaming options available to you. Five or seven card stud or draw poker could be offered along with the highly popular game Texas Hold’em. The numerous variations is a good thing because you gain the ability to select the very best game based on your skills. In other words, you can pick among the numerous different available video poker games in order to select the one you have the greatest chance of winning.

In terms of variations, you could play a game that requires “Jacks or Better” in order to stay in the game. Others may have “Joker’s Wild” or “Deuces Wild”. Know the special rules and variations on the game you are playing. Doing so ensures you understand what is going on and avoid making mistakes.

Probably the most interesting of all variations is certain games allow for playing more than one hand simultaneously. Each hand requires its own wager and you could walk away with a lot of money if several winning hands turn up on the same session.

No matter what video poker game you select, start out slow until you develop experience. Rushing in often undermines the ability to make smart wagers. Take things slow and get a feel for the game.