If you are new to casino games, but want to learn games and try your luck with money, you should look for online casinos offering no deposit bonuses. The benefit of these sites is that you get to test the software and feel the games to finally decide if you enjoy playing the games before committing yourself with deposits.

As there are some bonus abusers at online casinos, no deposit bonuses have tough play-through requirements. These bonuses are cashless bonuses which are however great for introducing yourself to online casinos and online gambling.

How to use the bonus

These bonuses are so popular as they let you enjoy the bonus without depositing any money to the casino. To avail this bonus, you however have to first register yourself in the casino and open an account there. You thus receive your bonus, and you can start placing bets on your favorite games.

The benefit of this bonus is that in case you are not happy with the casino setup and games, you just have to move on to the next casino without worrying about having lost any money. When you have nothing to worry about money, you automatically feel confident about playing games you don’t usually play. This way you can enjoy and use this free money for maximum fun and benefit.

If there is no limit to the no deposit bonus, you can use it till the money runs out. However in some casinos, their no deposit casinos have a set time limit for spending the money. In such cases, you get a large amount of money which you have to spend within an hour’s time. While any money won is yours, as the clock is ticking, you need to make wise monetary decisions!

Not free money

You however should remember that no deposit bonuses are not free money. Though it may look like the casino has offered you money to burn without any commitment from your side, there usually are demands and rules to follow. While you may keep your winnings in the casino account, you can make a withdrawal only if you meet their wager requirements.

If you liked the casino’s ambience and rules, things work out fine as you will continue playing at the site and make additional deposits and can eventually withdraw money. However if you try your luck with no-deposit bonuses thinking you can cash out free money, you will be disappointed.

The best thing to do to avoid disappointments is to read the fine print on the site about the no deposit bonus before accepting and using it. This way you can use the no deposit bonus to its maximum benefit and enjoy yourself at the casino!