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let it ride canadaPoker is extremely popular all over the world, including Canada. There are some typical variants of poker in which Canadian players can pay a fee to get their first two cards, and place extra bets as more cards are flipped face up. If you don’t place the extra bets, you’re out of the game. Casino software companies have had a lot of fun creating new and innovative formats for basic casino games. Cryptologic created a game, Let It Ride Poker. Players place a total bet upfront, and if the cards that are turned over are less favorable, players can remove some of their bet.

Game Play

Let It Ride Poker requires that the player starts with 3 bets at the same size. Once the bets have been made, 3 cards are placed down face up and two are set face down. Using the face up cards, the Canadian player must choose if he should pull back a bet or “Let It Ride”. Once you’ve made that decision, one of the two is flipped over. The decision must be made again before the final card is flipped over. The two decisions are not connected, meaning that if it turns out to be favorable, you can go all in. You can skip the middle stage if you feel it is favorable. When the final card is flipped, payouts are rewarded based on the payout table.

Payout Table

The payout table can appear complicated, however it is a fairly simple table to read. Payouts start at Tens or Better, which are 1:1. Two pairs gives a 2:1 payout. Three of a kind has a 3:1 payout. A Straight 6 rewards 6:1, while a Flus is 8:1. A Full House is 11:1, Four of a Kind 50:1 and Straight Flush 200:1. Finally, a Royal Flush is 1000:1.

Winning Let It Ride Poker

This game takes skill and luck alike, making it an intriguing play. Players can use the optimum strategy as a means of pulling bets to earn an average long term RTP of 96.5%. The optimum strategy is a fairly simple one to complete. When there are three cards visible, you can ‘let it ride’ on certain hands. These hands are three suits in a row, three cards of a royal flush, any paying hand whatsoever and three cards that go toward a straight with at least 1 ten or better card. If there are four visible cards, you can ‘let it ride’ on any four of the same suit, any paying hand and any four that go in an outside straight that comes with at least one ten or better.

The poker game offers an optional bet bonus of $1, no more or less than that. This bet uses a different payout table to determine the reward. If you land three of a kind, you are given a $5 payout. A Straight is $25. A Flush is $50. The Full House is $200, and Four of a Kind is $400. Straight Flushes are worth $3,000. Royal Flush is $30,000. The $1 bet, however, is what is considered a “sucker bet”. Avoid placing these bets, as players should be wary of bonus side bets in online games. The game offers advanced settings, auto bet features and speed adjustments for the game play speed.

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