There is a lot of competition in the gaming industry, and online casinos have to ensure that they have the types of games and bonuses that will bring in the high rollers.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide high bonuses to players who make high deposits and play frequently.  They want to cater to high stake players.

This is why they have been labelled as high roller casinos.  They take care of the needs of players who like to spend excessive amounts of cash.  A high roller casino pampers such players and provides them with perks such as extra comps, cash back offers and VIP status.  These casinos have games that with high limits in order to appease high rollers.

High Roller Types

There are different levels of high stake players, and high roller casinos have features that appeal to them all.  First there is the regular higher roller, and he has an account that is around 10k.    Next, there is the premium player, and his account can have anywhere from 100-250k.  Last, is the whale.  A whale can have about one million dollars in his account.  It is nothing for this level of high roller to bet 100k each time.  All in all, casinos will do anything to attract and keep high rollers because they are extremely rich and like to spend cash.

Player Expectations

High rollers play for high dollar stakes.  These players want better odds and larger payouts for gambling away their money.  Higher payouts are motivation to play longer.  Although they can go to places such as Vegas, Macao or Monte Carlo to gamble, sometimes they choose online casinos out of convenience.  Yes, high rollers have a lot of cash to spend, and they usually are excellent game players as well.  As a result, not only do they want to enjoy the game and make money, but they also expect to get their winnings quickly and have higher betting limits.

Casino Rewards

This is why they receive special promotions or exclusive opportunities that are not offered to the average casino player who does not have a big bank account.  How do the casinos determine who is a high roller?  They upgrade players to VIP status based upon their online gambling habits.  They check the amount of times that a deposit is made, the dollar amount of the deposits, the kinds of games played, and the amount of times that the player plays.

Brick and mortar casinos give their high rollers certain perks such as free penthouse suits and limos.  On the other hand, online casinos provide things such as special online bonuses, cash back offers, exotic travel, concert tickets and other desirable prizes, which is a good thing.