Bonuses are a great way to earn extra money to play with or extra turns to play without having to pay. It is this, the extra turns to play without pay that are behind the free spin bonuses. There are several types of free spin bonuses that you can obtain, depending on the casino and the game.

Casino Offered Free Spins

Casino offered free spin bonuses are free spins offered by the casino. They may be limited to a single game or may be available for any or every spin based game that the casino offered. The amount of free spins offered vary depending on the casino or the game. These are generally considered similar to welcome bonuses and are designed to allow new players who have not decided to make a deposit a chance to play games without having to make a deposit. There are terms and conditions, which may vary depending on the casino so be sure to read these before signing up.

Game Based Free Spins

Just about everyone has played a game that offered bonus turns when you landed on a particular tile. The same goes for online casino games, generally slot machines, which will offer you a free spin every time you land on a particular combination. In addition, there may be other bonus games that allow you to earn free spins. It depends on the particular game.

When looking into free spin bonuses for any game, it is important to read over the terms and conditions as well as any rules that may be involved with free spin bonuses. Review everything so you know exactly what is available and how to obtain it. Free spins are free play. They do not require a deposit and do not use any money you may have already deposited. It is a great chance to increase your winnings without having to wager any of your hard-earned cash.

Play smart and find casinos and games that give you the best chance at free play that will earn you cash. Use the free spins the casino offers to spin your way to money to play and additional free spins to keep your game going. There are plenty of options to choose from and casinos with a variety of different terms and conditions. Take the time to find the one that is right for you, then sit back and truly enjoy your game play.