What Are Casino Match Bonuses?

Among the very best ways to wager money at a casino is to put up money that was gifted to you. Is anyone just going to hand out money to someone as a gift? The casino will and does so in the form of a match bonus. Match bonuses are, in essence, free matched funds that correspond with a deposit you have made.

Once the money is in your account, you are allowed to wager with it in the casino in the same way you would with your own money. Based on this description, consider it fairly obvious why match bonuses – and other bonuses – are such excellent promotional tools for casinos.

So, how exactly does a match bonus work?

A match bonus is when a casino matches a certain amount of money based on a particular deposit that has been made. Match bonuses are the most common ones offered by casinos since they are the simplest in design. Other bonuses such as VIP bonuses may require the player to be a “high roller” and special “Tuesday bonuses” are ones offered solely on a a specific day of the week.

A match bonus is pretty simple though. A bonus of 50% of a deposit means exactly that. If you were to deposit $100, then you would receive $50 extra to wager with.

Match bonuses come in many forms. Initial deposit bonuses are usually very much publicized by casinos since they do draw new customers in. Why would someone looking to a new gaming establishment turn down an offer to receive extra money on a making a deposit. Casino certainly do not provide match bonuses exclusively to new customers. After all, the casino does want to keep its new customers in the fold. Reload bonuses are match bonuses provided to gamblers who add extra funds in an account.

Question may be asked regarding whether or not a match bonus comes with any terms. There are. Thankfully, the terms are usually clearly spelled out by the casino in the clearest of terms.

The sky is definitely not the limit on match bonuses. It is doubtful you can open a casino account for $50,000 and receive a massive $25,000 bonus. A maximum amount is going to be listed. The smaller print under a “50% bonus” advertisement likely is going to something along the lines of “with a $500 maximum limit”. Casinos sometimes extend initial deposit bonuses for the first five deposits or so. This way, players can continue taking advantage of the match funds for a few reloads.

Do not assume that the funds can be withdrawn the second after they are deposited. Rules are going to be put in place in which players must make a certain number of minimum wager or bet a minimum amount before the bonus is allowed to be withdrawn. Consider this the way the casino protects its assts.