Imagine getting $500 in free money from an online casino just for opening up a new account.  Also, imagine the ability to do this without incurring any risk.  Of course the average online gamer is going to be interested in gambling without taking on any risk.  But is this really possible to do?

This can be done with a no deposit casino bonus.  Players get to play with the house’s money before making a deposit and playing with their own money.  The player even has the option to take the cash once making valid bets.


Online casinos have to do something to stand out from their competitors, and no deposit bonuses help them to do just that.  No deposit bonuses are a part of a new marketing plan that online casinos use to get new players to sign up for new accounts.  This is a marketing ploy that online casinos use to get plenty of website traffic.  As a result, the least popular online casinos generally have the biggest bonuses because they need to boost their traffic numbers.


Whichever online casino is the hungriest for new players will offer some of the best sign on bonuses.  This is a way to entice new players away from the competition.  No deposit bonuses make casinos more competitive, but they are also risky for casinos.  After all, the casinos are giving away free money.  This is an action that might work against them, but it must be done if they want to get more new players than the other casinos.

How They Work

Quite naturally, players won’t be able to take the money and run.  There are certain conditions that must be met such as wager requirements.  But all in all, taking advantage of no deposit bonuses is very straightforward.

When first signing up, the website will provide a promotional code to claim your free play bonus.  You will then have an account that has pretend money. However, the only way to get the real money is to place the specified number of bets that are for the same dollar amount of the free bonus that you were given.


Are no deposit bonuses advantageous?  Basically, you have to do the math.  The casino might give you a certain amount of free money to play with, but it is expecting you to lose even more, to them.  This means that you have to put up more money overall before you can cash out.


A smart gambler should understand how no deposit bonuses work and the risk that they pose.  But this does not mean that they should ignore them.  As with all types of gambling, some people will win and others will lose.  The same thing applies with no deposit casino bonuses.  Some people know how to use them to their advantage, and others will lose every free penny that online casinos give them.

The bottom line is that you should give no deposit bonuses a chance.  After all, these casinos are offering free money.  When it comes to online gaming, don’t turn down free money.  You could play at an online casino that offers you nothing, but why do that?